Oh boy! New toy!

So a while back I posted about the ship I designed for Eve Online and the article got a bit of attention. Enough for a fan to make me aware that a third party SLA printing company named Mixed Dimensions are now selling the Eve Online ships as scale models. Naturally I had to get the one I helped conceive and whad’ya know, it arrived today, Hussah, my very own toy! – You too can pick one up by vising their website here.

Some time further back I was also made aware that the ship stars in the Valkyrie spin off from Eve, you can see it several times in the youtube film below. As a science fiction fan I am thrilled to have been a part of the process, hopefully more space ship projects will come along in the future 🙂

Posted below here is a quick photo of the toy standing on the poster I received when the winners were selected, along with CCP team member signatures. If I wasn’t motivated to get my hands on a resin printer before, I surely am now, just look at that quality – it even does surface colors 😀

SLA Gallente Talos ship with Work in Progress poster signed by the art department from CCP

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