Car design

We’re car enthusiasts, so much so that sometimes we draw and visualize cars as part of a competition or sometimes just for the sheer pleasure of working with those sexy curves or attempt to solve a transport problem, design issue or think of new ways to use old techniques ( fantastic right? We think so too! )

Here are some of the cars Mike has created over the years and we’re excited to show you more as the concepts become presentable!


EL+02 “Ducky” A little yellow game changing city car that drives on compressed air and electricity, meant to be easy to live with, even conscience wise, since it’s made from wood and recycled glass fiber and ocean plastic.


Local Motors / Shell competition: Sustainable electric vehicle made from wood and glass fiber


Aquila Adamo KG race car was a contest submission for the race car builder Aquila in Gram near Aarhus, Denmark. The design was voted most aesthetically pleasing, but wasn’t chosen as the final winner since the body was too expensive to produce ( winner “Aquila Synergy” has a very petite glass fiber body, which admittedly is cheaper, but perhaps less race car-ish. ) We still like our concept and since it didn’t win, we’ve used it as a virtual race car for a few upcoming projects, below are a 3 of the race liveries we’ve created for it.






BING sponsor livery, for Audi R8 racing team “Heino Frederiksen” ( HF ), the client paid to have a neutral R8 and Ferrari 458 dressed up in a series of brand names so Heino Frederiksen could approach the companies with nice visuals and convince them to sponsor the HF race team, the BING livery was the one we thought worked the best, so it’s presented here.



Alfa Romeo “Fangio” An electric racer with bright hopes, some of which actually came to be, read the full post about the concept here


Alfa Romeo pitch, present day sustainable electric racing concept


Lindberg LSR racing Lakester and Streamliner concepts. The team approached Mike and had him design a cover for the rear of their existing lakester race car, the concept included a tail fin, the intake and exhaust scoops and exits for “the laundry” or brake parachutes as most people call them. The Streamliner would have been a next step race car if the lakester won. Sadly the project sits idle while it awaits its next financial injection, currently the chassis is parked in Florida.

Land speed record race car concept for Lindberg LSR Racing
Land speed record race car concept for Lindberg LSR Racing


Peugeot Verde Mike’s entry in the 2008 Peugeot design competition, it was well received in the press and definitely spurred a greater interest in car design on Michael’s behalf, the concept is an electrical vehicle that can alter its length depending on the speed at which it needs to travel or the space available for parking.



Pontiac 1979 Firebird redesign Another design challenge, the concept attempted to do what Camaro did in their relaunch back in 2010.



Long range electric concepts below, bigger wheels, less wheel drag, more energy recovery. It’s an interesting milestone we’ve reached in the history of automobiles and the solutions of tomorrow are still being dreamed up.

Long range energy recovery VW bus ( personal project )
Long range energy recovery roadster ( personal project )


X2CV Mojave / Tarantula a hybrid electric light army vehicle for use in a multitude of roles, ranging from Spec Ops deployment to humanitarian aid. The project received high praise for the US Marine colonel in charge.