Game art

Sometimes you just gotta geek out! – that happened to Michael back in 2013 where he got hired to work on a boardgame conversion of one of Gamesworkshops products: SPACE HULK, he’s been a fan of the franchise since he was 15, so the following 3 years he just went full on space nerd! – we’ve uploaded some of the images from that period below.

The game itself had a rocky launch and is available on Playstation Now these days, eventually a more polished version was launched, which is still downloadable from Steam Space Hulk Ascension

Unrelated to Space Hulk, but this image was actually what landed the gig for Michael
Lion el Jonson fan art
Unrelated to Space Hulk, but still a part of the Warhammer 40.000 period of work we were engaged in ( this image is nearly 3 meters wide in print )
Space Hulk Salamanders Announcement art
Space Hulk, Salamanders DLC, announcement image
Wolf Guard terminator by Michael
Space Hulk, Space Wolf DLC, press image