Interface design

Phase One / Witus synergy turns 11!

Recently we came up on our 11th anniversary with the photography company Phase One based in Copenhagen, to remember the journey we’re uploading a shot of Capture One 3 and Capture One 9 here. We joined the adventure just after Capture One 3 in 2007 and have been in the loop since, even working on the interface for the iQ back, the XF Camera, the Capture One companion app Capture Pilot and Phase One’s Israeli companys Leaf camera back.

Capture One Pro 9 – 2018
Capture One 3 – 2007
Capture Pilot – 2014

New site

Welcome to our new website!! – it took a while to succumb to html template sites, but we’ve been away from webdesign for so long now that we realise hard coding our own site would be an incredible waste of time – especially when all we want to do is help people create cool graphics and interactive experiences 🙂


Kind regards

Mike Witus



Car design

Peugeot contest winner

10 years ago we won the danish Peugeot car design contest and partook in the global finals, among 3000 submissions we placed in the 30 finalists, below Michael receives the danish no. 1 reward.

The danish Peugeot team chief and Michael