A Christmas present

Howdy! we realize 2020 has been challenging and thought: Why not create something for people stuck at home? – so as a Christmas present we’re giving away our JAWGS JET FIGHTER BOARD GAME in an attempt to keep people in isolation entertained. Download the PDF files and print them, we included a few activities like coloring and 3D print if you have access to one at home :)Merry Christmas and have a better new year! 🙂

Join us in paper board gaming, if you want, by playing JAWGS JET FIGHTER BOARD GAME

Glorup, coat of arms restoration

Our local landlord, the owner of Glorup Manor challenged us to restore his coat of arms from an old lowres scan. Ordinarily that type of work would be handled using vector shapes, but since the graphics had to retain a vintage look we kept it in bitmap and ended up repainting the image at a higher resolution. We’re happy to help out and perhaps the image will end up on local signage sometime during 2020 🙂

The initial image and the end result can be seen above.


We’ve all been through strange times caused by COVID-19 and some businesses have had to redefine themselves in order to survive.. Sometime during May we we’re contacted by a dynamic duo with a strong knowledge base in wine. Their task was simple: Convert their wine tasting setup from a cafe based experience to a series of digital media.

We helped make the transition happen by creating the logo and a series of small animations for use on their Youtube channel. The business is still adapting to the new media, but is moving towards a stable format which can be viewed here ( preview only, since embedding isn’t allowed ), the channel is live every friday:

Stay home and geek out..

In these stay-at-home times I’ve found a small amount of joy in focusing on nerdy things like implementing our logo in popular driving games and giving livery design a whirl again. The dissolution of the barrier between work and spare time is a dangerous thing these days, make sure to find fun distractions out there and stop thinking about the pandemic / economy for a while.

Witus Corvette racing, Gran Turismo Sport