Welcome to Witus works!

we’re a small indy business that specialises in digital design, over the years we’ve created 2D and 3D graphics for computer games, interfaces for applications, traditional graphics like logos, packaging, illustration and won a few competitions!

“We love graphics and helping costumers create their custom vision”

We also help students understand 3D and design better. For the past 6 years we’ve been teaching classes in both Jutland and Zealand.

We don’t just do static images, check out our REEL here: Get real!

Witus was founded in 2010 by Mike Witus to work freelance for customers in Copenhagen and Northern Zealand, since then we’ve been deployed on several big projects in Denmark, some of which brought us to the US, England, Spain and Germany. In between, we’ve been working on our own little intellectual property on Patreon: Jawgs

3D Artist Recommendation: Full Control

3D Artist Recommendation: Zeitguyz

Associate Professor Recommendation ( in danish ): Game College

2D User Interface Recommendation: Phase One

Mike’s Curriculum Vitae

Alfa Romeo Fangio