Eve Online competition winner

10 years ago CCP, the creators of the science fiction IP: Eve Online created a “Design a starship” competition. Mike entered, but was a little speculative on how the game would implement the winning design, there’s 4 factions in the game you see and if you give 1 faction a new ship, you have to give the remaining 3 some sort of compensation or the most obvious choice: 3 other ships of their own. So the entered design was created to be part of a neutral faction easing the implementation balance-wise. CCP however rewrote the competition rules and chose 4 winners instead of 1. The Seraphim design that Mike created was chosen and implemented as the “Gallente Talos” and instead of a destroyer, it was turned into a battlecruiser, exciting! right? 😀

The ship also appears in the spin off game Valkyrie, you can glimpse it in the background here: Valkyrie

Original contest pitch

Above: The original concept and below the reworked CCP concept.

Redesign of the Seraphim, turning it into the Gallente Talos

below: The final design implemented in the game, a youtuber created a short gameplay video of the design in use here: Gallente Talos, 100 kills

In game shot of the Talos

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