Eve Online competition winner

10 years ago CCP, the creators of the science fiction IP: Eve Online created a “Design a starship” competition. Mike entered, but was a little speculative on how the game would implement the winning design, there’s 4 factions in the game you see and if you give 1 faction a new ship, you have to give the remaining 3 some sort of compensation or the most obvious choice: 3 other ships of their own. So the entered design was created to be part of a neutral faction easing the implementation balance-wise. CCP however rewrote the competition rules and chose 4 winners instead of 1. The Seraphim design that Mike created was chosen and implemented as the “Gallente Talos” and instead of a destroyer, it was turned into a battlecruiser, exciting! right? 😀

The ship also appears in the spin off game Valkyrie, you can glimpse it in the background here: Valkyrie

Original contest pitch

Above: The original concept and below the reworked CCP concept.

Redesign of the Seraphim, turning it into the Gallente Talos

below: The final design implemented in the game, a youtuber created a short gameplay video of the design in use here: Gallente Talos, 100 kills

In game shot of the Talos

So what’s been going on lately!?

Dear reader,

We felt it would be prudent to update the site with some of our newer projects and as you might notice below, it’s a fairly broad spectrum of work. In the background we’re still working on a space adventure and poking away at product design and 3D print, but more on this as the projects become more and more presentable :).

Recently we’ve helped a customer in Grenaa/Denmark boost their browser based top down arcade tank game, here’s a link to their promotional video containing some of the work we did: TankWars 2.0 promo

We’ve also worked closely with a local technical college in helping their students enter the 2019 Michelin Design Challenge, there’s a few examples of the work available here: ZBC students in Michelin Challenge

We’re helping create assets for a 2D multiplayer game, an example of which is shown below ( naturally if you ask us to help create games with no limits in the design, they’re gonna be racing games right 😉 )


Finally we’ve helped the Copenhagen based french school create a poster for their celebration of the lunar landing this summer, we were specifically asked to incorporate the well known Japanese manga character style, the final poster is shown below:


Phase One / Witus synergy turns 11!

Recently we came up on our 11th anniversary with the photography company Phase One based in Copenhagen, to remember the journey we’ve uploadet a shot of Capture One 3 below and Capture One 9 above. We joined the adventure just after Capture One 3 in 2007 and have been in the loop since, even working on the interface for the iQ back, the XF Camera, the Capture One companion app Capture Pilot and Phase One’s Israeli companys Leaf camera back.

Capture One 3 – 2007
Capture Pilot – 2014

Peugeot contest winner

10 years ago we won the danish Peugeot car design contest and partook in the global finals, among 3000 submissions we placed in the 30 finalists, below Michael receives the danish no. 1 reward.

The danish Peugeot team chief and Michael